Unreal 5.1 Changes to Map Won't Save


I was working on Warehouse Wreckage yesterday. After the day’s work I hit Ctrl+Shift+S to Save All. When I opened my project today, the Minimal Default map was unchanged. Figuring I messed up the filing protocol somehow, I experimented with making a small change to the map. I lifted a chair and did Save All:

When opening the project from the Epic Games Launcher, the thumbnail showed the change:

But when I open the project and go to the Minimal Default map, the whole scene is reset.

My BP_Projectile is still in the Content Drawer, so that saved, but why didn’t the changes I made to the map itself?


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Save the file with a different name or out of the starter content folder as Unreal will replace them with fresh copies on startup.

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Thanks! I saved the map under “WarehouseWreckage” instead of Minimal Default. I guess it kept getting overridden.

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