Unreal 5.0 C++ Developer: Learn C++ and Make Video Games toon tanks question

hello so before i start the toon taks project have some questiont is this in unreal 5 since seems to me some of the lecture slides mention ue4 and seems bit weird project in 4.25 or 4.22.

also would i need install 4.25 or 4.22 unreal version if i wanted do this project

It was recorded in UE 4 but is the same in UE 5 so you can carry on. The user interface will be a little different but you should know where most things are by now.

ah righr thanks could i still use 5.03 for the project since its an later version

5.0.3 is basically 4.27 with bells and whistles… Well, mostly. They share a lot of code but is 5.1 and later that have bigger differences.

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