Unreal 4/5 Blueprint Multiplayer

I think this would make for a great companion course as a stepping stone toward the C++ Multiplayer course. It would be great if this course could actually discuss the differences between replication types (Server, Multi, RepNotify) and when/why to use them. What sort of things you need to take into consideration when replicating (where the multicast node needs to be called from for example as ownership is important) and give us a good foundation on how replication works. I’d really like a good portion of it to focus on understanding replication itself before getting into creating a specific game.
Finally, it would of course be cool to set up a simple game project. Maybe a Co-op style game that could be genre agnostic where you can fight some AI (maybe have a ranged type weapon and a melee attack) open some chests, get loot boxes or whatever, and also cover simple things like death, respawning, etc. Just core game mechanics. I’ve scoured the internet for a course like this and they really don’t exist. The Battle Royale one (only useful blueprint multiplayer course) I bought from Udemy doesn’t even cover re-spawning of course and even after watching it twice, I barely understand how to handle replication. It was far too specific.

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