Unlink Objects Story and Some poses for my Lamp!

Man that was quite a challenge!

Mostly because of my Linked Objects… (Alt+D) objects…
Thing is when you try to apply Rotation, Location and Scale to the Linked Object you are denied because the object has more than one “user” for it…

I needed to find out that you need to “Unlink” them by “Making Single User”. To do that, Selected All with “A” and then pressing “U” and choosing “Object & Data” did the trick.

But then when I tried to parent the objects to the bones some of them would move to other positions…I was like “wut?!” Turns out I had some objects with the “Origin” in the wrong place… Selected All and then Ctrl+Shift+Alt+C “Origin to Geometry”

Then I could finally Parent the Meshes to the Bones without the model breaking.

After that, figuring out the constrains was quite easy and the Auto IK helps a lot :smiley:

Enough story! Some Poses now!

Seated Looking Down


Inspecting Floor

Looking very close at the Camera


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