Universal Render Pipeline (URP) Pre-Installation

OK so… I recently bought the 3rd person combat course (you can probably guess what sort of insane plan I got ahead :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ), and I want to install the URP to my Unity project. However, I created my project based on their BIRP (Built-In Render Pipeline), and was curious about the risks of swapping it to the URP. Will the shaders get damaged? Will the code suffer…? What issues can I expect ahead? (I might scrap this idea for now, because some assets don’t support HDRP or URP)

I imported tons of Synty Assets (their Elven Realm, Fantasy Kingdom, Dungeon Realms, etc… Black Friday was kinda wild, xD), combined with other external assets (like Malbers’ animals and other stuff) that I’m yet to use to my project, and wanted to know what risks to expect off this transition (I’m mentioning these because if anyone has any experience using them with various Render Pipelines, it’d be amazing to know what to expect… Also keep in mind as well that my current workhorse is a GTX1650 laptop (until I can afford something decent… this project will probably be on hold for a while, as a result, in the near future), so my VRAM probably isn’t as amazing as everyone might think))

If you are doing the course as a separate project, just start with URP when you make the new project. If you are upgrading the game you are working on, it is not too hard. All of the Synty assets are easy to upgrade. They come with instructions. I used the Dungeon Realms pack for a first person shooter in URP and I just followed Synty’s directions. A lot of assets just use the standard shaders so Unity will upgrade them for you. Changing shaders on a material by hand is not too difficult either. I managed to stumble through it a couple of times. It will not affect your code. My PC is not exactly state of the art, but I do not have any issues with URP. I have not noticed any performance problems.

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Does it make any difference in the end-game though? Like, do graphics improve, or is it even worth the upgrade? I’m just not very familiar with what Render Pipelines do (but I believe render means how something shows up to the end user, right?)

That depends a lot on the settings you use. I can tell you that in my own games, I see about a 10 fold increase in the frame rate when using URP compared to the built-in render pipeline.

There are also other side benefits. For example: with URP, you can create shaders using ShaderGraph that can do fantastic effects not easiliy achieved using BRP without learning to write CG code.

Anything that uses the Standard shaders (either Metallic or Specular workflow, transparent or not) can be automatically converted to URP shaders using the conversion tools. Things that use custom shaders often either require a drop in replacement from the asset vendor (Synty, InfinityPBR, Blink, etc all provide such asset conversions as unitypackages or other methods) or that you rebuild the materials manually.

I will say that it’s significantly easier to start with a URP project than it is to convert an existing project ot URP, but not impossible. Here’s a link to the current upgrade guide from Unity

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I’m giving this a try in a bit. Will need to create an entire Unity Package backup prior though, I don’t want to accidentally lose my project (again)

If only there was a way to incrementally backup your project as you go where you could commit the current state of your project, attemp and upgrade, and then revert to the previous state if it didn’t work…

OK fine I’ll work on git… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (Winter break starts tomorrow, although I’m like midway through the third person course xD)

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