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I’m on “Section 3, Lecture 37: Build For Web & Share” and I am trying to run my text adventure prison game.

The Problem:

I have zipped and uploaded my game build to Game Bucket and Itch, and I cannot run it. It tells me to use various browsers, none of which work at all.

Solutions I’ve Tried:

My browsers are all up to date, I’ve used Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, and Chrome; and I’ve downloaded Unity Web Player, but I can’t get it to do anything.

I have looked at other similar questions and solutions, and one guy solved it without saying how he did so, and none of the suggestions have yielded any success.

I also tried sharing it on www.sharemygame.com but I’m not able to make a WebGL build on Unity 4, and somehow, my zip file of the web player build I do have is over 100MB, as it would not upload.

Please help ith this, thanks…

Not sure I am able to help you but, what version of Unity are you using to create your build? If you are using Unity 5.x. Watch the next lecture, Sec 3, Lecture 38, which shows you how to create for sharemygame.com.

I had issues with Unity 5 freezing and locking up when I created my build last night for upload. I had to delete my file folder and let it create a new one build. The newer version seems to have more items in the folders than what Ben showed in Lecture 37 and had me worried for a bit till I watched Lecture 38.

Hope this helps solve your issue.


The version I’m using is Unity 4.7.2f1.

I’m just after installing the latest version of Unity 5 and I’ll watch the video you mentioned tomorrow and try again.

I have a feeling it’s just a simple issue of an old web browser games plugin being obsolete. Technology moves on so quickly.

Thanks again.

Spot on.

You can of course make a standalone / pc build and play locally, chances are your Text101 game will be quite small and you may be able to share with friends/family via DropBox / Google Drive etc…

If you want to share it on the web then your best approach would be to upgrade to Unity 5.4+ and use the WebGL build. Be aware if you do this then there will be some minor differences between the course lectures and the updates to Unity which may cause you a few issues. This is nothing major and the instructors have added additional resources / lectures to cover the differences where relevant - you do also upgrade to Unity 5 later in the course.

An alternative may be to continue with your current version of Unity and then when you have progressed a little further and updated to 5+ in the course, go back and upgrade your previous games, by which point you may be familiar enough to resolve any minor issues yourself.

You are, of course, always welcome to ask on the forums here and someone will help resolve them (the issues will have already been asked a few times already :slight_smile: )

Hi all. New problems.

I’m now using Unity 5.6.1f1, and I did a WebGL build. I zipped it and uploaded it, but I am now waiting over 20 minutes for my simple text adventure game to process and it won’t. I also tried run my index.html file with my browsers (Chrome and Opera), and it wont open. I tried doing another build and run, and as before, as soon as it finished building it, the browser opened it up n its own, no problem; but I still can’t open the index.html file.

I have attached a screen-shot of the browser running the build, but as I said, that only happens after I finish a build and run, but I can’t open the file manually. The game works perfectly.

Please help with this. Thanks in advance.


I can manually open the file locally in Firefox, and I managed to upload it for web play on itch.io. My game can be found at:

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