Unity vs BYOND vs RPG Maker series

I hope it’s okay for me to start a comparison thread


-Creates only 2D games
-Has a moderate amount of support for it’s API
-Has a small community
-No/minimum free resources
-Forum has trolls and getting help may not always be very friendly
-Has NO supported build and so the games can only be released in its own community

RPG Maker:
-Can create only JRPGs
-Has resources installed and can buy extra resources
-Coding has very little documentation
-Easy to create JRPG games
-Comes with license to create RPGs for commercial purposes
-MV supports built for iOS, Android, Mac and PC

-Supports both 2D and 3D game creation
-Has lots free and paid assets at the Unity asset store
-Has a wide, extensive documentation of API
-Has an extremely large community and is very widely used
-Free up for commercial use to what $200k income?
-This community and others are have friendly developers
-Has various build support: iOS, Android, PC, Mac, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, more etc…

I’ve done all 3 now. For some reason Unity is easier to use and more successful for me to get whatever I want done than BYOND. I think it’s just that the engine’s more efficient.

Anything missing here?

I’ve never heard of BYOND before now, and you have sufficiently warned me off of it. :wink:

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Go big, or go home. Learn Blitz3d and BlitzMax, get Realmcrafter, reprogram the engine to a more efficient state, and make the next WoW killer ;).

I don’t think you should even look at RPG Maker, their isn’t much customization to their games. You see them all over the steam market for $0.01-$9.99 each, and they all look the same. The simple fact that anyone can spot a RPG Maker game a mile away turns a lot of potential players away.

Since you have already took the time thus far to learn Unity, and Unitys exportation options far exceeds BYOND’s, I would say use Unity. Their isn’t much Unity can’t do, and already has proved itself numerous times in the eyes of game development and deployment to be a ‘top dog’.

Just my two cents.

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Okay you’ve told me about the builds and I’ve updated the post showing the builds. BYOND is so terrible it supports NO builds.