Unity Version & Importing

Hi, literally just started the 1st challenge… thought I would click play to test and I fall through the world…
In the console I was getting

A google search showed that the read/write needs to be on which I did, however this did not seem to resolve it unitl I restarted unity (thought this info might help someone)… all seems fixed now, so onto the first challenge!

My question (sorry, long winded intro) is this to do with the unity version, the import file or something else?
Also is it worth stating what version of untiy the projects should be attempted in, as you did with the RPG course?

Its possible. What version are you using? I believe most of the challenges were made and reviewed in 2020 and I don’t think I saw anyone else have that problem. I just loaded it up in 2021.1.3 and it worked fine

Hi, thanks for the reply.
Right, think that is the issue… it has defaulted to 2018.3.14 as this is the default for the RPG course I am 70% of the way through! (I blame Rick :rofl:)

Yeah, it could be a compatibility issue with an older version. FWIW, I’ve done all of the RPG course in 2019 and 2020 - in fact the Shops course recommends a specific version of 2020 or later (can’t remember which off the top of my head) to get around some annoying UI bugs in the editor. Having also done the dialogue course, I think it would be good for that too as there’s a lot of UI work.

Don’t fancy moving it all across, am sure it was stated that 2018 was used!
However as I am going to tackle the inventory and dialouge courses also I will take your lead and do those in 2020.

Thanks for your advice.

I’ve done most of the quests in Unity 2019 except for the Mining quest, which I got a ton of errors for unless I was working in Unity 2020.

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I really appreciate you guys working through the quests in different versions of Unity. If some are using 2019, some 2020 and some 2021 we should find all of the gotchas. :slight_smile: