Unity Version for RPG Core Combat Creator Course

I’m beginning the RPG course, and it recommends working in Unity 2018.3.
Unity currently recommends version 2021.3.15, and I was wondering if I will have any issues following along in the newer version.

Thank you!

You won’t. Cinemachine will look a bit different (access it from the GameObject menu instead of the Cinemachine menu), but code wise all will be fine.

2018.3 was the bare minimum version to use. As the courses progress, we work you up to 2020 to take advantage of some newer features. I’ve run the final course project in over 30 different version of Unity. Unless you’re comfortable with the experimental NavMesh (used to be added from a GitHub repo), I don’t recommend going past 2022.1 (Unity switches to the now fully fleshed out NavMesh tools in 2022.2)


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