Unity Turn-Based Strategy: Expansion suggestions

Hello all,
Just wanted to throw out a few suggestions for further building upon the Unity Turn-Based Strategy course;

  1. Advanced AI enemies - expand upon the current enemy AI to perform more functions to challenge the player in a meaningful way than the basic run and attack. Create different levels of AI intelligence to make a difficulty system; Easy, Normal, Hard, or Very Hard.
  2. Cover system - I’m sure many have put this idea forward, but an XCOM-like cover system would go a long way.
  3. Game Design Theory - Probability vs. Resource Management, perhaps a more cerebral/theoretical section. By adding an X-COM-like system you introduce a bit of randomness into the gameplay and we could explore the “Gambler’s Fallacy” players can experience when doing so. And talk about how if designers don’t want to introduce probability into their game then they would have to balance their game around the set resources they give the player creating a challenging “puzzle/realistic” scenario. Talk about the pros and cons of each design path.
  4. Unit Placement phase - Before the battle starts create a phase to allow the player to place their given units on a designated section of the grid.
  5. Unit class system - add a class system similar to XCOM where units start at the basic “Recruit” level and then gain experience to level into a class of the player’s choice (support, sniper, heavy, engineer, etc.).

Just wanted to throw my hat into the ring on the matter after going through the latest course expansions.
Thank you for your time.

Thank you for your suggestions!

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Hi it a fantastisc course even i have some suggestion for the exapsion or new TBS Course

  1. Sound Part: adding sound to Shoot,Sword,Granade, action maybe it a very interesting adding to the course, and the footstep sound during the movement, on different surface like metal, concrete, grass, ecc,ecc

2)Magic system: In some game like fantasy or even sci-fi or cyberpunk (Shadowrun) they have “magic parts” like attack,heling, ecc,ecc its a nice idead to have some similiar.

3)Show Percentage: it very interesting part to add for the projects.

4)Reload Acrion: i think it better suited than spin action

5)Show Bullets: Other interesting parts is show how many bullets remain in the magaziine or similar, before reload the weapon

  1. Show the dicetrion of th Unit: In the X-com Game when the soldier is selected to move direction to another one a line is showed for the route goes point to point
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