Unity Turn Based Strategy: Baldurs Gate style out-of-combat movement suggestion

Hey @CodeMonkey,
thanks for your course and the extensions. I couldn´t find a place where other suggestions are collected. Therefore I try to reach out here.
Maybe others suggested this already, but a would like a baldurs gate 3 style out-of-combat movement. Where I can move around the characters without turns, until a combat starts.
Perhaps this can be another extension to this great course.

Btw. is multiplayer suggested or on the roadmap? I watched your “cooking game” multiplayer course. Thinking about adding it. But if you´re already or some time in the future on it, I can also wait for that.

Thanks again and good luck with dinky guardians :slight_smile:

That’s a good one! Should be simple so it could be a quick expansion.
Multiplayer is definitely one I’d like to look into, however I’m not sure it can be done within the scale of a simple expansion, I’ll have to do some research to see just how easy/difficult it is to implement.
Thanks, I hope you learned a lot from the course!

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Wow, thanks for the fast reply. I´m looking forward for the extension then.

Yes, I enjoyed the course and learned a lot.

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