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The terrain assets, from what I understand the assets are free for us to download and use for both this course and our own projects for publishing or personal creation.

But I have a problem. I am trying to download the full free pack to have a few additional terrains to choose form and the actual pack that is used I saw from another post is actually named something different. The link is as follows: Terrain Sample Asset Pack | 3D Landscapes | Unity Asset Store

That should work. But the problem is that the pack seems to contain all the terrain textures that we see in this project plus more. But the pack itself inside once installed does not contain then at all it seems. What is there does not look as good quality either, So I was not sure if i was still looking at the same pack. The layers I find are for dirt, rock, moss, snow, sand and one named scree that seems almost identical to rock. Not the layers that we see in this course.

Would anyone be able to help point me in the right direction?

It appears that the pack has changed some since we introduced it in this course. Try adding the Terrain Tools from the Package Manager to get improved work with these textures (as suggested by the asset pack listing).

There are also a number of free terrain texture packs in the Unity asset store. Ideally, you’ll want to find some textures that set your terrain apart from the ones used here.

I do not know if I made a mistake by upgrading the package to version two or if I did something else. But now when I try to install the terrain sample v2 I am left with a package dependency error and can no longer play test my game. Forcing me to start over from scratch with a new project.

Unfortunatly I do not know enout about reviewing the json files to make edits and know what is changing.

Now though I do not know if I can still use that terrain package now as it seems to always give me that same error every time I try to install and even attempt to redownload the latest version to see if that will update and fix the issue. I wonder if it is also the Unity version I am using for the project I am currently in along with the 2018.3 course I am using 2021.3 for a project that is mirroring what I am building here with the 2018.3

I think I fixed the issue. I skip the asset store dependency upgrade and just import the terrain and that works. Also all the terrain textures are all here with the version 2.

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