Unity Shuddering and freezing since I got my new monitor

I just bought a 34 inch X34 Predator Monitor with Gsync. I set up G sync to run on full screen and on windows. My happy mood did not last very long. I opened up unity 4.7 (to continue with the Unity 1 course) and attempted to resize the window so it fits on the right half of the screen. But the window started to shudder and hung. I closed it , rebooted and again opened Unity 4.7. This time on attempting to resize the window, the thing froze. Couldn’t even ctrl alt del my way out of hit and had to do a hard reset.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? Is there an issue with Unity being used on a 34 inch wide monitor with G-sync?

There is some info on the Unity website, it’s a few years old now though.

There is mention of an issue being traced to an Oculus Runtime issue, do you have that installed?

Something else to try - download a more recent version of Unity, perhaps 5.4 for example.

Rename your current Unity install directory to “Unity_4-7”, then install the newer version.

Launch the newer version and see if the same issue exists.

Let us know how you get on.

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