UNity setup - everything is PINK!

Unity VR/XR Developer: Make Immersive VIRTUAL REALITY Games

Hey following the tutorial above. imported the project assets and every shader is rendering PINK. I have try to resolve this but nothing is working. Is there a quick solution ?

Objects rendered in pink usually indicate that the material needs to be converted. Go to Window>Rendering>Render Pipeline Converter. This tool will allow you to convert all of the materials to URP shaders. If you tried this already, then post more details about what you have tried and what is going on.


Thanks. It turned out to be an issue with the project setup and imports. URP vs standard which is new knowledge for me.


Hi Nathaniel and welcome to the community. Yes, we use the URP for this project.

The first video is quite fast paced so I recommend watching and double-checking you’ve not missed anything. There’s a lot covered in that first project setup video alone and it is so easy to miss something.

Take your time, watch, rewatch, even consider slowing the video down and pause whenever you do anything.

Good luck and enjoy the course. If you have any issues, post and we will do our best to help you out.

Thanks for the welcome. Honestly I found that when I followed the setup the project didn’t work. Could be as I’m on a MAC. Or the XR setup doesn’t match. I found another video that got me through that.

Importing the VR_Interactable_Objects they seem corrupt as Unity doesn’t know what they are… Each object in the zip has random numbers and letter for the folder name 5a473077dfada7641998c47c8e78f28e

Is this right?

If I recall, you cannot unzip using the default mac process as it also unzips the unity package and you get a bunch of junk. This is a mac specific issue. You want to get a third party unzip tool like 7-zip and use that to extract the zip file and you’ll have more luck.

Basically, it’s the mac OS trying to be smart and failing miserably.

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Thanks, Ya that worked. I have found all my XR learning with unity there is always a specific MAC issues, so I’ve learned to be somewhat forgiving. :man_facepalming:

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