Unity RPG Kickstarter running now

You’ve all been asking for it for months, and finally today it’s launched. Please take a look and consider backing and sharing our most ambitious project yet…

Thank you


Unreal version next week? :smiley:

YAY!! I’m gonna check it out! :smiley:

Unity is the best tool for this. There’s an outside chance Unreal would be a higher stretch goal, but I can’t see the point when Unity can do it more simply.

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Just support the Unity-Course and buy it!

But instead of using Unity … use Unreal and try to translate the knowledge over into unreal. I think you`d learn a huge ammount, when going this route … with a total conversion^^

I´ll abuse the Unity course … I just love Unreal too much and jumping between two Engines all the time isn`t the best way for myself.

Over half way funded in less than 24 hours! That’s awesome :slight_smile:

3/5ths funded at present! Not entirely certain the best way to write three fifths - it doesn’t look right - this course however looks to be another fantastic success. Pledges have doubled over night!

If anyone is a member of any other Facebook groups or appropriate social media and can help spread the word (where appropriate and fair to do so) please do so :slight_smile:


This is so so good!! … Congrats on the brilliant start to your campaign @ben & team!!

I was stoked to get home and see your email … Will be sharing this with each and everyone I know. I’m sure it will be a top notch course as usual … I can’t wait!

Cheers :slight_smile:


Backed :slight_smile: cannot wait for this to start!! Thank you @ben and team!!

Existing courses are really cool ^^, easy to follow, a lot of content, I hope the same for the RPG series.
Just one link about : Diablo III mechanics for content ideas ^^ :

Do you plan skill tree, friend AI ( followers) , coop for two or four players ?

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See campaign and stretch goals for scope. We want to polish what we do this time so need to restrict scope.

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Well, having the Unity and Blender courses already and absolutely loving the content and delivery style (not forgetting the cracking peeps on community of course). Its payday next week, so theres my xmas sorted out…

As far as the requests for stretch goals etc, realistically in the great vastness of the community base here I’m sure that we can all chip in ideas and solutions as we have been doing throughout :wink:
And that wil save on core content dilution :slight_smile:

Looking forward to it

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Don’t forget to back as much as you can! I already own almost every course Ben has myself. After telling my wife what I wanted to do (Which is married code for “Honey please can I spend a little more?”) I decided to do the Artist pack and donate my Blender code to a friend of mine. I am not just building on what I know, So are they… and together we hope to work together on future projects. So you may not be just building for you, build for your team too if you are close!

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Done! Backing it up! Thanks for this sir!

Was going to go for lifetime but it’s just too near Christmas for me to justify the extra spend!

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Just do it, and thank your kids for the wonderful christmas present they bought you :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m really liking what I’m reading here about people gifting to a friend/family member etc, what a fantastic thing to do and so kind/generous.

It made me wonder, and maybe this is too complicated or not really what KickStarter is for or maybe just goes outside of the scope of what could be done via these courses and GameDev.tv and the communities generosity, but here goes…

For a future KickStarter, I wondered whether perhaps there could be a Pay It Forward option. So, rather than pledging individuals being in receipt of a code for a course they have and then gifting to a chosen friend/family member (which obviously you could still do), there’d be an option to effectively donate to a stranger…

This is the point where some ordinary people may click the back button on the browser, but I have every faith in the members of the community who are all fab… so please, bear with me…

@Ben / team could decide on who /receives it and when, it wouldn’t need to necessary be made public (which may embarrass the recipient). For the sake of openness and also a bit of promotion, it would only require a little record keeping for the transparency of knowing how many KickStarter pledgers (pledgees?) Paid It Forward and how many were subsequently given out, perhaps within 12 months. It could be in effect a little sponsorship, facilitated via GameDev.tv, supported by the caring community that has grown around these courses.

The reason I put it forward as a suggestion is because I have seen quite a few people, often youngsters (not trying to be patronising) that are really keen, really interested, but perhaps don’t have their own financial backing to take it forward, even when Udemy offers exceptionally low prices (taking into account the persons age, geographic location, credit cards and so on). Not only would you be a backer of a new course which you would benefit from, you would also perhaps take away a warm and fuzzy feeling, knowing that someone less fortunate has been given an opportunity that they may not of otherwise had, whether they are a youngster, or just someone with limited resources.

I won’t claim to know exactly how it would all work at this stage, but just wondered whether it had merit. I suppose it would be similar in principle to the Suspended Coffee idea…

Taking it a little further, you could have a few people who may volunteer their time to act as mentors for the sponsored few, helping them progress, encouraging them along the way to keep the momentum going, perhaps putting some separate mini-project ideas together for them to work through, they could even have a separate area on the forums, which may help anyone who has less confidence and feels less inclined to publicly ask for help when stuck.

Again, just a few random neurons firing in my otherwise void head, maybe a bit too fluffy/tree huggy and simplistic, but I thought it may be a really nice way to, in a very small way, make the world that little bit nicer - and who knows, maybe someone you have effectively sponsored and given some time to to help ends up being someone you are able to collaborate on a project with - the possibilities are quite endless.

In the words of Jason Bateman’s character, Ray Embrey, from the movie Hancock, in the scene where he tries to gain support from important business men to donate their sustenance goods for free;

“It just takes someone to go first”

(I searched for ages to find a video clip of that and couldn’t find one, sorry)

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:


To be honest I was quite sad when it was announced that it was going to be done in Unity Engine… Actually sad is the right word. I understand the point however as the teaching in Unity is a lot simpler than writing low level code like in CryEngine or Unreal. To be honest I am now deepdiving CryEngine and Unreal and I am not looking back.

I will however back your kickstarter regardless as I believe what you provide to the community is simply awesome. I just feel like after doing C++ again (had a 11y break) and having done stuff like written my own webconnect client / steam friendslist / networking bit in Unreal and CryEngine as well as implemented tech like WWISE etc this course would just not be low enough for me anymore… I feel like Unity is awesome if you want to make a quick prototype or even a quick platformer etc, but anything else serious? and the engine seems to throw too many obstacles in your way.

Is it easier with all the libraries that are being provided? Of course. Is it as “open” as any of the AAA engines? No, not by a long shot. I personally feel, if Unity keeps going for another 5years maybe then they are in a place where UE / CRY is today. (and that is a big maybe). Best example, the team of Crowfall are facing so many networking issues while making their MMO, it isnt even funny. So I am wondering why they even chose the engine for an MMO.

If you want to make this proper the only part of the course I would consider looking at is how you get an authoritative server <-> client architecture going and have 4 player coop in the game. Heck only for that part I would pay just to see how you would handle that. And I obviously mean without Photon licenses etc. But I am guessing you are not building the game with Multiplayer in mind but rather as a singleplayer experience? Well here is hoping :wink:

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Wonderful idea for the next one, possibly even on a different platform like Patreon or simliar.

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