Unity package manager error

Hii, I want to start Unity 3D course. I reinstalled Unity, but still it’s showing package manager error and couldn’t connected to localhost in Http. Some errors are showing like that. What to do ?

Hi Sibam,

Could you please share screenshots of what you see? At the moment, I don’t know where you see the errors.

Do you have a firewall which might be blocking Unity? If so, check its settings.

I have Quick heal anti virus pro installed. And also have firewall activated.

Check that first. I don’t know Quick heal anti virus pro but it is not uncommon that antivirus programs are causing issues. If you cannot find any problem in the configuration, check your firewall and make sure that Unity does not get restriced by your firewall.

But I gave permission to Unity to pass through firewall I set up .cmd file for launching Unity hub as per unity community guidelines. But still it’s showing the same issue.

Maybe localhost is blocked. Check the list with IP addresses.

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