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Has anyone implemented or have any idea how to implement the SteamApps.GetLaunchCommandLine, so when player 2 goes to join the lobby they can do so before they have the game running? This is a major part that was overlooked especially when developing for the steam platform, and there will be times that players will want to join their friend’s game/lobby without having to pull up the over lay only to click join game again. I have the lobby implemented and works like a charm when both p1 and p2 have the game running, but not when player 2 doesnt have the game running and clicks join game from the steam friend in the dashboard prior 2 player 2 launch the game.

Hi there,
I have not tried this and am interested to understand more about it. What is GetLaunchCommandLine and how does it work?

In short it is part of the RichPressence Join. If you ever noticed the Join Game button when looking in your friend’s steam list, it is supposedly used when a second player is trying to connect via the Join Game prior to launching the game. Steam adds a param to read with the connection info. Atleast that is what I have read in the sdk docs. I looked in their example which is C++ and simi understand but they have it being called within (GameRichPresenceJoinRequested_t callback) which for some reason doesnt even trigger at hall. I have reached on on the discord which I left as I felt it was a waste having to repeat my self only to have it lost within other posts. I mentioned it on the Udemy Course which the assistant instructor directed me to the Forums here and Discord. I even posted on DapperDino’s youtube channel. Honestly the whole situation has left an unpleasant feeling towards GameDevTV as a whole. Not sure how many people are going to launch the game before joining it when there is a button that says Join Game on the steam dashboard.

Hi Brian,
That was probably me who pointed you to the discord. When something is out of scope of the course material, we suggest looking to other sources of help. I can understand your frustration that it is difficult to find help on something that seems like it should be a basic part of using Steam’s multiplayer API. I am happy to help you look for other resources to help solve this problem. This is a little more niche then the standard question we get on forums, the hope is that another student might have experience and be able to help you out.

You might want to try Steam’s discord, that might have more people with experience with this.

Taking a quick look at the docs, I am wondering if this is something you can actively call to check for the command line instead of waiting for an event to fire?

The other thing I would ask is if you found an example of it being used with Steamworks. I steamworks has something called GetLaunchParam, maybe that has the data you need?

Since you used Steamworks, I would focus on looking for an example of how Steamworks interfaces with this specific API.

Hopefully that is enough to get you pointed in a more helpful direction, if not I am here for you to bounce ideas off of.

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