Unity install problems

Hi, so…I convinced a friend to buy this course and learn with me! Hes keen but has had a crack at insatlling unity and keeps getting error messages see attached and is getting a bit frustrated…can anyone help??

Hi Blake,

Think the error covers it, some issue connecting to the website from his PC, might be some kind of security software blocking access perhaps…

If you go to;

You should be able to download the individual components from there, even for 2017 if that is the version he wants to run with (be aware of the differences between versions and course content of course).

I would get at least the Unity Editor and Standard Assets if I were you.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

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Cheers for getting back to me Rob

So apprently hes tried both the online and offline install and both are not working…the offline insatlls then freezes and wont let him create a new project…the online has problems connecting tthrough the download installer…
he hasnt got an antivirus or firewall either…so we’re bit confused…ive never had problems installing it on my machines :confused:

hmmm… sounds a bit odd… surprised there isn’t any anti-virus/firewall software in place - Windows runs it’s own doesn’t it, if there isn’t a third party application?

Has he tried running the installer as Administrator?

He could also try downloading an older version, 4.7.x (would be in line with the course too) and see if he has more success with that…

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Yea i suggested this as well…and he says he has already tried this and same result…only thing we can think is maybe a reboot? but the computer he is on he cant reboot coz its a work thing so will have to wait…im also suggested seeing if he has another lappy to work on…its frustrating as coz ive never had problems installing it and we arent in the same town so doing everything by fb and unity seems to have limited support which is a shame…a live chat would be nice

If it’s a work laptop and he is unable to reboot it, it sounds more and more like it will be locked down in various ways already. This could be the source of the problem, e.g. something that the business has installed on it to protect it from anything malicious.

Does he not have another/his own machine that he can try this on at some point?

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yea nah i mean its a work one but its his dads business…so it should just work…hopefully he can source another one to learn the course from coz he has periods where hes just sitting around and hes gonna use that time to complete the course :smiley:

Certainly is unusual, definitely seems like something is blocking the traffic… see what happens on the next device perhaps and go from there… would probably need a lot more details to try and diagnose the issue on this one…

Is your friend going to join our community here also? :slight_smile:

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Yerrr its really weird hey…
yeh he is! hes paid for the course already and ive linked him this address :smiley:

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Awesome… you guys will be able to try to out do each other with additional features for each of the games :slight_smile:

…or collabortate on one!

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yea thats the plan…to learn the skills for us to make some games together…coz its all online we can send each other stuff even tho we r in different states…
oh man so latest update is he got it working but only in safe mode which means he cant watch the tutorials at the same time lol :confused:

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Well it’s a good thing in a way, as now he knows that it is something which is installed/running which is causing the problem.

Any kind of ad blocking software installed?

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ill ask him…

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just to let you know too man the issues was he needed to run unity as admin like you said…so its working now cheers :smiley:

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No worries, glad it’s resolved now :slight_smile:

Can you mark the topic as solved please.

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