Unity import problems, Blender crash etc

Well I bit the bullet and tried to do a direct import from Blender into Unity, but Blender crashes. I’m running Blender 2.78a and Unity 5.5.0f3.

Anyway, I exported the FBX from Blender and it didn’t seem to come across very well:

The game view looks the same (although I have no idea how to navigate around the scene in game mode). Nothing has textures at all and several objects are entirely missing.

I did make a reasonable amount of use of linking and proxying, also all of the images for image-based textures are not packed in the blend file (as usual). Any suggestions?

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I am a Unity guy. So in Unity to navigate in game view you will have to add the First Person Controller. Now if you need detailed instructions to how to get that working I could knock them up pretty quickly and modify a value in the import process so you don’t just walk through walls and the like and perhaps resize it.

As for the textures not working that’s a little out of my league. I sometimes have had FBX imports made by others not work in my little personal projects, and end up tearing my hair out trying to get them somewhat decent. I hope you get that sorted.

Thanks, looks like I was also missing the standard assets pack, but once I downloaded and installed it I could set up the First Person Controller and could navigate around the model a bit. Had to turn gravity off though, as I kept on falling through the floor :slight_smile:

The textures/materials issue seems to be a common one as the FBX export/import seems to exclude materials. There seem to be a lot of hits on google searches of people having to recreate/reassign textures and materials so I might leave that for later. Thanks for your help!

Yep, I had to do a LOT of that in Unity to get a lot of free FBX assets working from TurboSquid. However, some assets worked fine. Like about 2 weeks ago I found a low poly static Cobra-type attack helicopter and imported it into Unity and it imported fine - provided I ticked the generate colliders so I couldn’t walk through the surfaces :laughing:.

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