Unity Game Loop... where to begin?

I’m tying to wrap my head around the “game loop” in Unity, and I can’t seem to. I know we can add scripts to objects, but how all those scripts interact to form the game loop… THAT is something I can’t figure out.

It totally may be that I haven’t gone through as much as I should with the classes (I think I’ve bought everything Ben has put out since the original Kickstarter), so if there’s something in a class that covers this, I’d love to be pointed at it! Otherwise, if there’s any type of resource that explains how everything ties together into a coherent game loop, I’d love to know about it!

Thanks so much!!

Hi ZebulonPi,

Are you referring to a specific project in one of our Unity courses? If so, which one is it? Or what do you mean by “game loop”? Is it something Ben or another instructor mentioned somewhere? If so, where?

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