Unity Editor safe mode prompts and solution to resolve

Microsoft Windows 11 x64 Version 22H2 (OS Build 22621.1485)
Visual Studio Code v1.77.3
Unity 2021.3.23f1

I was editing a C# script file, suddenly Unity Editor and VSCode closed due to some file i/o error from other application, this caused incomplete C# script written.

When try to re-open the project, Unity Editor prompted to enter safe mode, I chosen ignore option and noticed the game object assigned script files were gone under the Inspector panel.

Luckily I have a backup copy, after reloaded the same project, I try to overwrite the script files one by one with the crashed copies, and found the issues was just due to a wrong variable name.

In this case, if I don’t have the backup copy to compare, I don’t think I can load the Unity Editor successfully and let the Unity Editor to tell me the error line number.

In fact, I encountered such scenario few times, mostly due to C# script error assigned to game object that I did not resolve and closed the project, then on next reload, Unity Editor prompts for enter safe mode, even “ignore” option is chosen, the loaded game object with its assigned script files were gone under the Inspector panel.

Any alternative solutions to this problem is greatly appreciated.

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