Unity course that utilizes databases?

Is there any course that utilize any databases?

I really want to use this to also help my general C# and if I can get some .Net learning with it, I think it would help with my future if I cannot get a game off the ground.
It doesn’t seem the RPG Courses, nor the Unity 3D Course cover this at all.

Is this something that will be covered, or anyone have any ideas where I can start?


We really don’t have any courses covering databases as they aren’t always all that applicable to gaming. The closest we would come is our inventory system, where you can lookup a specific inventory item by it’s automatically generated index, but that is by no means even close to a database.

Is JSON close to the database?

Json is a notation that can be used to store information in a manner similar to a database, and the Json Saving System utilizes Json to store saved information. Understanding Json can be helpful in the future for working with databases, but is not necessarily the best way to go about writing a database.

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