Unity Chan in her (unfinished) room

I was wondering what kind of scale I should use, so I did a bunch of test unsing a free model in unity. @Michael_Bridges would be proud as I used a lean approach, and load each wall using metric and imperial scales, and also playing with numbers.

In the end, I’ll stay with the blender units as they are the same as metric it seems. Anyway it goes well into my scene in Unity.

I built wall modules 1x3, 2x3, 3x3 and 5x3, the doorway is 1.5x3 (0.25 on each side). I hope this will help me build a modular scene easily. The result so far looks good, I feared I would see crack at the joints between 2 different mesches, but it seems fine so far. Let’s see when I add material if i’m as lucky :slight_smile:


Yes that’s right with BU and Unity, providing you don’t alter the scaling in blender to something else it’ll remain 1:1 on import of a Blend file :slight_smile:

Thanks I was curious about that.

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