Unity Certified Associate (replacement for Unity Certified Developer) - Passed!

I just wanted to share that I passed this exam about an hour ago with a 630 out of 700 (90% - 90 out of 100 questions) with 500 being the passing amount (70% - 70 out of 100 questions). I used the resources and videos from this Udemy course exclusively. The only other experience I brought into this was from messing around on youtube looking for specific tutorials to handle things I was working on for a 2D project in my spare time - nothing serious or really that much involved.

I found the timed exam extremely helpful. Despite barely passing the timed exam initially with a 72%, it forced me to go back to almost all of the syllabus requirements and not leave until I was confident I knew as much as I could about that topic. I can’t stress this enough: you need to do more than just the minimum Sam/Ben present in the videos for the challenges. The exam will trip you up as it almost did a few times for me until I went back and reviewed some of the questions, so you really need to know what you’re doing. I felt pretty confident about the exam when I went in and it still felt tricky at points.

I hope that helps!


Can you pass on some of your learning materials please?

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