Unity BSOD on install. Versions 4 and 5

I am having issues installing Unity on a new machine I built for learning Unity and doing video editing.
It gives me a BSOD on installation of almost any version.
(Unexpected Kernel Mode Trap)

System Specs:
I am running Windows 10 Pro on the following:
Dual Xeon E5-2695 Version 3 - (2 x 14 Core Xeon Processors = 28 Cores = 56 Threads)
64 Gigs of DDR4 2133 Memory
AMD Radeon RX480.
Intel SSD (160 Gig)
(2) 1 TB 7200 RPM Hard Drives
(1) Blackmagic Design Intensity Video Capture Card
(1) MOTU PCIe-424 card
(2) DVD Drives
(1) External ASUS Blue Ray Recorder (Unplugged)
(5) Displays -1 on Internal ASPEED card I cannot turn off 4 on AMD RX480.

Hello - I sort of figured it out eventually - I had system mechanic installed.
But what is more of a detail is that Iolo uses Kaspersky AntiVirus under another name - sort of re-branded it. Apparently after several hours of debugging and searching (like 25-30 hours or so) I figured out the error was related to Kaspersky Antivirus.

I uninstalled System Mechanic and the install completed.

The Blue Screen I was getting was Unexpected Kernel Mode Trap.
Please if you are having issues, try uninstalling the program and use a different antivirus or install it afterwards. I am using SpyHunter instead for resolving the issues of having an antivirus program (it is an antispyware/anti-malware) for the meantime until Iolo issues a fix for the problem. I hope this helps some other people out in getting setup with Unity!


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