Unity and Augmented Reality (ex. Vuforia)

There are several tutorials about VR in unity but not one about Augmented Reality.
AR is a very interesting area and very very spectacular, but has entered very little in everyday apps and gaming concepts, because it is very difficult to understand.
A tutorial, from beginner to expert, on a AR platform would be very interesting and would boost the game and app development community.
Platforms like Layar or even better Vuforia (cause it is free) and has many computer vision options) are hard to understand but easy to get started so that’s a good helper to start!


+1 I’d like to add integration to iOS 11 or ARKit as another option. I’d really really love to have unity/unreal engine - ARKit integration topic in the new course.

According to Apple in IOS 11 Ar kit is realeased for unity and unreal http://indianexpress.com/article/technology/tech-news-technology/wwdc-2017-apple-jumps-into-augmented-reality-with-arkit-development-platform/

Just wanna put this out there as an alternative to ARKit since everybody doesn’t own a Mac to develop on.
Aryzon is a new budget headset for AR equal to what Cardboard is to VR. It has intergration with Unity as well and has just recently exited its Kickstarter campaign.

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