Unity 3rd Person Combat & Traversal

for the Unity 3rd Person Combat & Traversal course does the player model have to have a prop. if not how should I just find a sword and shield prop to put in with my character separately?

The shield isn’t particularly important for game functionality, but we do need some form of either a prop or a simple collider to represent the weapon for triggering hits.

I’m assuming your issue is that you’re not using the same character as we are. If you head to the Unity Asset Store, there are several free packages with weapon models available. You’ll have to attach the model to the character’s hand within the Prefab, locating the hand, placing the weapon, and getting it aligned in such a way that it is held through the swing.

so I bought an asset pack but when I put the model in it came out gray. so then I put the prefab in and it was pink (which I assume it means that there is no texture) and honestly, I have no idea how to apply a texture. how would i apply a texture?

Actually, the pink indicates an error with the shader.
Remember that we are working with URP, and many in-store assets are set up to work with the “built-in” render pipeline.
Go to Window/Rendering/Render Pipeline Converter

Once inside the converter, select Built In to URP

Press Initialize Converters and a list of materials will appear. From there, simply click Convert Assets.

Unfortunately, only materials using a the standard shaders will convert properly. If the conversion process doesn’t complete a conversion, you can eitehr try to build a new material using the URP/Lit shader, or contact the seller to see if they have an alternate shader.

Some assets come with packages you can open, which will replace the built in materials. Many Synty assets, for example, have these converters.

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