Unity 3D Obstacle course

I decided to take a break from practicing Blender and finally try out one of the game engine courses. This is the finished unity obstacle course we’ve put together and tested. You have up to 35 seconds before all of the obstacles have fallen into place for the most part. I was able to get through while hitting as few as 2 items while my partner managed to make it through without hitting any.

I know that they showed us 2D courses in this tutorial, but I am too excited about the future prospect of creating our own platformer and jumping was something I felt determined not to wait on. That being said, trying to figure out the best way to do the Camera was not fun and I look forward to learning how to handle it better.

Excited to move on in the course and see what the Unreal engine will feel like in comparison. I am not sharing the obstacle course just yet, but in the future would like to get a proper restart button, lives, and maybe a couple levels. Maybe fix the camera.


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