Unity 2D RPG: Complete Combat System

Hello! I recently purchased this course. Typically with full courses like this, I like to run through the complete version prior to walking through it lesson by lesson. When installing and opening the project files, I am met with about 300 errors. They all seem to be similar. Below is a photo of what most of them indicate.

I am very much so a novice still, and am trying to see what steps are needed or packages to install in order to make it fully functional. I did follow the steps in the setup video as to have the proper unity version and adjust input settings.

All of these are on the Unity side of things… My best guess is that Unity didn’t get the package versions correct.
This is the list of the packages of my version of the course repo (in Unity 2022.2.1)

Since we won’t be using Visual Scripting in this course (and Visual Scripting appears to be the package that’s blowing up here), you might consider simply deleting the Visual Scripting package (click on the package in the Package Manager, and in the upper right of the Description pane there should be a button “Remove”.
Don’t worry about the JetBrains Rider package, that’s added automagically by my Editor since it’s my preferred code editor (which is also why I haven’t updated the Visual Studio Editor package, which you probably should update.

Thanks for the response!

I went ahead and removed the visual scripting, and that took it down from 300 down to just 35. However, this did not resolve the issue. I verified and and made the adjustments to the same exact versions being used.
The biggest issues seem to be with TMP and collections.navsort. I have included this photo for reference as the error at the bottom relating to the destroy method. This error increases anytime my mouse hovers over the scene or game view. This causes the number to spike to like 1500+ in a matter of seconds and crashes Unity entirely (just reopened unity as it keep causing it to crash).

For reasons I have never figured out, TextMeshPro requires some “essentials” to be imported before first use. Usually, when you start a new project, the first time you use a TextMeshPro component, a window will pop up prompting you to install Essentials and Extras. Without Essentials, it cannot run.

Usually when cloning a repo, that box pops up, but it’s possible it got blocked by one of the errors.
Go to Window | TextMeshPro | Install TextMeshPro Essentials

Hmmm. At first it would not show that in the window tab, so I remade the project and imported a fresh copy. It then appeared and I imported the essentials, but that did not resolve any errors associated with the TMP.

I will keep digging to see if I can figure it out. Something must be happening with collections or nav mesh for the bigger error issue.

At this point, I’m at a loss… I re-installed the repo in another folder and it opened without issue.
You might take that list of errors to the Unity Forums

Okay. I have no clue why, but I think I figured it out.
I opened 3 or 4 new projects and imported the files into it. It looks like somewhere along the way, it was getting hung up and not fully importing all the files. I noticed certain ones missing each time, until…MAGIC!
Now the only error I have is the following:

Looks like it lost the reference to the Cursor in the Cursor Manager object.
In each scene, you’ll want to find an object Managers | Cursor Manager. In the Sprite Renderer, you’ll want to make sure that hte sprite is set to Cursor Sprite.

Thank you!
It was actually from the Cursor Manager being active in the scene already. I just unchecked the box and loaded the scene perfectly.

I appreciate you taking the time to assist! Many Thanks!

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