Unity 2019.2.10 issues

Is anyone using 2019.2.10? I have just started using it and it tells me that all my scripts are invalid.

Edited to remove second question, which was me being an idiot: the camera and Canvas being on different scales is not an issue: i just got into panic mode trying to work out what i had done wrong.

Post the error it provides you in the console, so we have more knowledge of what’s happening and can help you better.

Nothing in the console, but I got a message against the script itself saying that the script either did not contain a MonoBehaviour or the class name did not match the filename.

I think part of the issue was that i was creating a variant of the Block script in Block breaker because i was experimenting with some functionality, and at the same time was creating some new prefabs that referred to some scripts that had been partially edited.

I have archived the closed script and remapped the prefabs and the problem has gone away. I have some different problems now, but I think they are covered in the course: mainly game objects not allocated in the Inspector.

Last time I had that error it meant somewhere there was somethign wrong in a script and that makes them ALL say they have no monobehavior. It reminds me of the older, dumber IDEs that would give nonsense errors if you missed a semi-colon.

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