Unity 2017 or 2018 updates?


I’m really loving the updating that’s been happening to the Unity 2D course. Has there been anything like that for the Certification course? I’d like to take this course, but I know Unity has undergone major changes since 4.x, and I’m currently on 2017 and planning to go to 2018 as soon as it’s stable. I saw someone asked about this, but the answer didn’t make total sense to me. How can the certification not have changed since 4.x when the engine has changed drastically? Please clarify. Thanks!

UPDATE: JohnnyDalvi from the GameDev.tv discord explained that this course covers an older exam, but that there are newer exams either out or coming? Are there plans to update this course for newer exams? I’m hesitant to jump into this course if I will get too badly lost with the outdated Unity stuff.