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Actually, Unity’s unit size is matters guys. Because of the physics engine, it’s one Unit = 1 meter in Unity. In Unreal Unit = 1 cm. On other hand, it’s really really important information to know because of the importing files from other applications like Blender3D, Maya, etc. too. Otherwise, you will face unexpected scale difference issues.

Hi Bulent,

Thank you for sharing your reasoning.

I think it depends. As for me, I would not rely on conversions like 1 WU = 1 m or something like that because there is no such thing as metre “in the computer”. When importing meshes from, for example, Blender, we will have to ensure that the scale values we get are set to (1, 1, 1), especially if we intend to use that mesh in the physics simulation. In this respect, I agree with you even though I would argue that the “ideal” scale does not have anything to do with external application because the same applies to game objects we create and scale in Unity.

Unity’s World Units matter in Unity only. They exist in Unity only.

Whether we interpret them as metres, centimetres or nanometres does not matter as long as we stay consistent with our interpretation. And the game will look good as long as the dimensions of the meshes make sense relative to one another. If a human is 1.8 WU high, a room should be at least 2.5 WU high.

Here is a simple example: If the way is 20 WU long and the car drives with 1 WU / s, the car will reach the goal 20 seconds later.

Hopefully, this makes sense. Of course, you don’t have to agree with me. Create your games like you feel it is the best way. :slight_smile:

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