Unintentional double-jumping


I ran into a bit of an issue where my player character appeared to jump again when in the air. Just the Jump_Start_Combat animation playing too many times.
And it turns out that this was exactly the issue; The “Loop animation” box was ticked per default, and sometimes (especially if my computer lagged a bit), the transition to “Airborne” didn’t happen before the next loop iteration started. Since this transition is automatic and set to occur when the animation is over, it then waited until it had been played through fully again. And then… sometimes the same happened once again. So my character looked like a mad frog bouncing int he air for a bit.

Anyway, the fix is just to disable “Loop animation” for Jump_Start_Combat in the “Jumping” state;

After this, things look as expected, even when laggy :slight_smile:

Kind regards,

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