Unexpected psin angle for bowling pin


I was following the course on Blender within the “spin in blender” chapter.
As a good student, i started doing my homework but when the spin interface popped up the angle of the spin was unexpected. By playing around i did manage to get the angle correct but i dont understand why this happened in the first place. If i only select the first vertex and start the spin interface, the angle is as in the course, but as soon as i start selecting more vertices i get the angle seen in my example image.
Can someone help me out by understanding this?

Kind regards


okay so ithink what u did was when you spun it it wasnt locked to the Z axis
try undoing the spin, then when you go to spin look at the scene from the z axis also i selected all vertices before starting my spin

actually looking at it it seems like the curve lines origin ancor is in the middle so it thinks its starting from there, im just going through the course so im not totally sure of the terminology but hopefully u get what im saying


Thank you all for the quick responses. And it was indeed the origin who caused this issue, move the origin to the bottom center solved this immediately.

Kind regards

no problem :slight_smile:

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