Undertanding Delta Time problem

Hi again,
I am in the “Understanding Delta Time” lecture.
I am following the steps to create the script but my rocket is moving to slow.
I print the (speed*delta) and the outcome should be two (depending of the fps) but in my case is a lot lower. That explains how slow the rocket moves but I do not understand why this is happening. Can you help me, please.
Screenshots attached.

cant see anything immediate. but i would have expected to see 2 in the output window.
that value is just the delta value its showing.

with the rocket scene open, try just playing that scene itself with this

see if you get the same results in the inspector.

Thanks for your quick answer.
Yes, like that the 2 is ok in the output window.
What is the problem then? How can I fixed?
Thanks a lot in advance

Any help, please?

sorry, was at work and had some stuff to do at home.

by, this, so it looks like that scene itself is ok.

is this the scene thats saved and the same scene its used to instantiate?
theres not two rocket scenes in the filesystem is there by any chance?

Do not worry. I do understand.

I got help from the Discord channel.
The solution proposed was (copied underneath) - and it works.

Masse from help:
“ I think I know what it may be. I am willing to bet that when you have the rocket scene selected that the inspector has 120 in it, but that if you check your game scene and look at the rocket child you changed the value in the inspect there.”

Thanks for your help!

Kind Regards

Ah sweet, so it was in the instance in the scene.

Nice one and cheers for sharing here :+1:

Ii did see it briefly on discord last night

Thanks to you guys. It is awesome to have people like you to help us.
I feel that I understand the explanation but very far away to be able to create anything by myself.

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