Under the wine castle

Hi! After few days of sketching and modelling, here is my modular dungeon :blush:

I linked with the previous lighthouse exercise. It is therefore a “wine-growing castle” on a Breton island, with a strange micro-climate that allows people to cultivate vines. This particular chateau produces delicious wine but there are many rumors about it :scroll:

First, I planned all the levels on paper :memo:

Then, following Grant’s wise advice, I started modeling all the pieces using a ton of collections :nerd_face:

I intend to continue this project, especially to add more details, the missing lobby for the upstairs wine tasting, the ceilings and so on. But for now I’m quite ok with the work done :smirk:

Welcome to the tour, if you want :camera_flash:

I - Coming soon…

II - The storage area with crates ready for shipment :ship: Some pallet trucks waiting here for humans :safety_vest:

III - A corridor with wine barrels :wine_glass: I left room for the rails :railway_track:

IV - The main cellar. Other rooms are locked :lock:

V - A steel security door? In a cellar? What’s the point?! :thinking:
(my first attempt at a vaulted ceiling, I need to fix the hole).

VI - Alright, maybe these barrels are an expensive year :money_with_wings:

VII - Or those. Wait! What? Are these ammo crates?!? :gun:

VIII - No more electricity from here :zap: The stairs go deeper under the hill. And a current of cold air rises from the depths :wind_face:

IX - What else? Catacombs? Who are all the people buried here? :skull:

X - The cold stream comes from here. An underground river flows down to what looks like a cave :mountain:
(I used the Ocean modifier to create the water)

XI - The cave is the least modular part of the whole project. I need to improve my skills to achieve my goals :nerd_face:

What you can see in the following pictures:

  • a giant skull sculpted in basalt columns
  • a skylight test (light is a difficult topic :kissing:)
  • a waterfall
  • a sacrificial altar
  • a circle of stones
  • troglodyte dwellings for the mysterious inhabitants of the place

Hope you enjoy the visit :diya_lamp:
And thank you @Grant_Abbitt for inspiring me :pray:t5:


Wow, a lot of work went in those details.
Very creative.

You should make a movie from this, at the end of the lessons.


Thanks :pray:t5:
A movie could be a great achievement yes, with more details and animated characters :smirk:

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Or make it playable! I want to explore that dungeon!

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A very grand well planned project!

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Thank you all :hugs:

@Yee, totally :video_game: It’s not for now but I intend to use this project as environment for the last section of the Unity 3D course :kissing: With less zombies and more French folk creatures :paw_prints:

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Fort knox with a wine cellar really well^^

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Haha. There is an idea :bulb:

That’s so cool! Good job!

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