Unclear what to check in inspector in prefab challenge


So, going through this lecture and reached the brick prefab challenge. Didn’t have any issues with it (I’ve had some prior experience with prefabs and already found most of the pitfalls the hard way!), except your challenge instructions suggest checking the inspector to see if things are working, but we don’t have the timesHit variable set to public anymore: you got us to change it to private to avoid setting it rather than maxHits by mistake.

On watching the rest of the video, it seems like this isn’t what you were intending for us to check in the inspector anyway, so…that bit’s a little confusing? Possibly because checking the inspector is linked to the play test (and you yourself check whilst playing), but you’re not actually wanting us to check a value that changes during gameplay.

I renamed/coloured/assigned maxHits to each of the spare 1 hit prefab instances I already had, then turned those into my new prefabs, so I already knew maxHits (which I’m guessing is what you meant us to double check on the instances) was set correctly for each instance.

Thanks for this feedback, and apologies for the slow response. Firstly I’m glad you got this resolved.

I’m trying to decide how to improve the content here, would you like to see an edit to the video to make the challenge clearer?

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