Unble to play video on an archived course

Please help me out.
I had purchased the Complete Blender Creator: Learn 3D Modelling for Beginners back in 2020 which now has been updated with new content. However the previous content of this course has been made into new archive course which is [Complete Blender Creator: (Archive Course Blender 2.8)] but I’m unable to play any video from it. I’m attaching the screenshot of the problem

I was working on a project and I really need access this content for some reference.
Please help,


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See - search in the “Ask” section for an answer. Because some days ago the same question was answered.

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Right at this moment, there is a glitch of some sort in Udemy’s system. So people are not being able to get to them, or can get to them but not play them actually. GameDev are aware of this and are working on Udemy to get it fixed. However, there are holidays in the USA right now so the response is slow from them on it. Rest assured GameDev staff are aware and doing all they can to get this rectified.

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