Unable to upload my game to GameBucket, browser issue

I am currently in the middle of the Text 101 course on Unity. Now that I have tried uploading my game to Gamebucket.io it tells me I need to have a proper browser in Opera , Internet Explorer or Firefox . I have literally downloaded all of them and the only one that doesn’t say I have a browser issue is Firefox, instead it says to download the Unity player ,which I have, and still nothing . Not sure why I cant upload the project.

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Support by the major/popular/modern browsers for the underlying technology used to support the Unity Web Player has been dropped for quite some time now. The Unity Web Player was obsolete in Unity as of version 5.3. It has been replaced with a build type of WebGL.

If you were to upgrade to a more recent version and build for WebGL you would be able to share your game (and play it) via www.sharemygame.com or www.itch.io for example.

If you want to keep to the older Unity version for the sake of following along with the course then you could always build a standalone version and then share it with friends/family that way, from perhaps a shared drive / Google Drive / Dropbox etc.

If you upgrade to a newer version of Unity these issues go away but you will find that there are some API differences between the more recent version of Unity and the course materials. All of these issues will have been raised before and answers on the forum already, so a quick search should provide answers for you if you choose this route.

Typically, they are around the use of Application.LoadLevel which is now obsolete, being replaced with SceneManager.LoadScene, requiring the directive using UnityEngine.SceneManagement; at the top of your script and access to the particle system’s main module. These come in to play from Laser Defender onwards.

In the course, you actually upgrade to Unity 5+ from Glitch Garden anyway.

I hope this is of help. :slight_smile:

Thank You so much Rob . I wasn’t worried about my basic text game, I was more concerned I was doing something wrong, so thank you . I’ll keep trucking through the course until I can get on to the newer versions . Great response and great speed for reaction . Thanks again

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You’re more than welcome :slight_smile:

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