Unable to start debugging. The value of miDebuggerPath is invalid

I am following the course C++ Fundamentals: Game Programming For Beginners on windows 10 and am currently at lesson nr. 15. Loops.
When I press ‘start debugging’ I get the following error message:

‘‘Unable to start debugging. The value of miDebuggerPath is invalid’’

Does anyone know how to fix this?

For some reasin the file gdb.exe was missing in the folder path: C:/raylib/w64devkit/bin
So I deleted the folder C:\raylib and then reinstalled raylib and this seemed to fix it for me.

Sometimes antivirus software can think that parts of the Raylib installation are a potential virus and quarantine it. This is known as a “false positive”, this could potentially happen again so look into adding the raylib folder as an exception.

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