Unable to select armature object

Cannot select the armature as an object. I can ‘select’ it on the outliner and go into edit mode. Note it does not highlight in orange when selected via the outliner but will allow me to go into edit mode & pose mode. Have downloaded the course model and this does not have same issue. Any ideas ? Thanks

Can edit bones and pose bones.

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General Q&A note

Help us all to help you.
Please give full screenshots with any questions. With the relevant panels open.
This can be done by Blender itself, via the ‘Window’ menu bar top left-hand side.
On that menu dropdown is ‘save screenshot’.

  • Are your bones marked, as they are always in front of the object?
  • Do you have lock turned on (accidentally), preventing you to select it

So many options, that’s why we ask for a screen dump. So we see also options, switches, colors …

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Might ‘Outline Selected’ be turned off, unticked in your overlays?

Or more probable for one item only.
Object Properties Visibility dropdown, Selectable. Should be ticked.

Yes! That it
Selectable was off in Object / Armature / Visibility

Thanks for your help.



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