Unable to Push unity project to GitHub from source tree. Source tree just hangs


Im experiencing a problem with Pushing to Github from Sourcetree, I have found another thread that I thought may help but Ive been getting different terminal responses.

Every time I push either a simple project or larger one it just hangs.

Could someone please help?

Many thanks


When you say hangs do you mean that it goes white and jsut stops responding or it just doesnt appear to go anywhere?
We need a little more information on the issue with screenshots if possible to be able to help further.
I would suggest double checking the authorisation to make sure that is all correct.

Thanks in advance

Thanks for your reply Mark,

Unfortunately I don’t understand the code that is displayed and when I say “Hangs” I apologise, I mean its unresponsive… I have to end up cancelling the request despite the size of the file I am trying to push.

As far as I am aware I have successfully created an SSH on my MacBook and also applied it in my GitHub account.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I’m desperate to start backing up my work.

Many Thanks


I’ve done some digging and also asked for help from the team to see if anyone has any ideas.

Things you can do to help SourceTree’s performance

  1. If you have a lot of untracked files, make sure the filters in SourceTree don’t show these as Git/Hg take a long time to respond.
  2. If you’re using a system version of Git/Hg, make sure it’s a recent version.
  3. Make sure you have plenty of system resources available, CPU, RAM, plenty of hard disk space etc.
  4. That you’ve got an up-to-date copy of SourceTree (we no longer publish to the App Store!)
  5. That the repository location is local, i.e. on your hard disk rather than over a network or mounted volume.
  6. Calling Git/Hg from the terminal performs as expected i.e. ‘git log’
  7. Make sure there’s no applications constantly writing to disk at a repository location, this would cause SourceTree to constantly refresh.
  8. Ensure files in your repository aren’t locked (i.e. open in an editor) when trying to perform Git/Hg operations on them

The above is pulled from a general support document of sourcetree but the common problem seems to be using an out of date system git or a mismatch of versions.

Link here

Not sure if this helps much but until i hear back from the team it may help.

Thank you Marc but unfortunately, it’s still not pushing.

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