Unable to make door in Mayan Pyramid

I am unable to make door in my Mayan Pyramid. This is because (look at first pic) instead of having 6 faces, I only have 4 (on the bigger face where the door was supposed to be made). In vertex mode (second image), it shows a missing vertex, signalling something fishy is going on here.

Kindly help :slight_smile:

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Not sure how you got there, but.
Select the horizontal edge that covers the area without a vert where it ought to be, and delete it.
Subdivide the other one, creating the vert where it is needed.
Remake the faces by selecting the verts and pressing F. Use J to join across an existing face though.

You may want to do some investigations, checks, for duplicate geometry too. Something caused that to happen.

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As NP5 suggested, I think too that you have multiple faces on top of each other.
It happens a lot when you (accidentally) use the e key to extract but then abort the action.
But still, there is a duplication of faces, edges, and vertices.

Select and remove a face. rebuild faces by hand.


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