Unable to download skybox asset pack

I’m not sure if you’re aware, but we’re unable to download the free skybox asset from this lecture because it requires Unity 2019 or higher.

As a workaround, I cloned the GitHub repo for this course, and I was able to import into Unity this way.

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Hi Kp4ws.
I’ll make a note of this. At this point, the majority of students are likely using the later 2019 or 2020 version.

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Sounds good, and that makes sense. I chose to use the same Unity version as the lectures to ensure any bugs I encounter don’t have to do with version differences.


The good news is that, aside from Cinemachine (which I think has actually also evolved in Unity 2018), there aren’t really any changes in the newer versions that break the game. To underscore that point, I have versions of the course Project (and have ran student projects I’ve helped debug) in about 30 versions of Unity from 2018…12 through 2021.2

You might consider upgrading to 2020 just for the improved Editor experience (including much better handling of lists and arrays)

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I appreciate the detailed response! I’ll keep that advice in mind.

I realize this is an old thread, but for newer students doing this course or those revisiting the course for refreshers…

There are several nice Skybox (FREE) skybox assets available on the Unity Asset Store. One I like to use which has the Extension License is:

Fantasy Skybox FREE

Original Unity Version for this: 2021.1.0 or higher (more updated), but works fine on this project

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Thanks for your input! :slight_smile:

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Well, I did get it downloaded, but it throws a bunch of errors about its scripts.

As for the other one mentioned here (Fantasy Skybox FREE) I get messages about the serialization, which seems to be the worse thing to me.

Error from lecture’s package:

Assets/Asset Packs/BOXOPHOBIC/Utils/Editor/StyledInspector/StyledCategoryDrawer.cs(11,9):
   error CS0246: The type or namespace name 'StyledCategory' could not be found
   (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

Error from Fantasy Skybox:

Failed to load '/home/username/projects/unity/gdtv_rpg/rpg_01-2018/Assets/
  Fantasy Skybox FREE/Scenes/Demo with terrain/LightingData.asset' because it
  was serialized with a newer version of Unity. (Has a higher SerializedFile version)

Well, you can actually just drop the sample scenes and the terrain. You might want to use the asset packages terrain textures, otherwise just don’t import the whole Scenes folder of it…

Looks like they’ve updated a couple of times since the course was recorded. With any Unity package in the AssetStore, you can see the version it was serialized in on the course description.

I can confirm that the RPG course runs pretty much as is all the way through Unity 2022.2, and then the only big difference is in how the NavMesh is handled.

Well, unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be an option to download the older asset pack versions…

It’s somewhat interesting to use that older Unity version and compare it with more recent ones (I started with 2020.3). One can see where things improved for the editor, but actually there are some bits where they “dropped the ball”, so to speak.
For example, with 2018.4 you can tab backwards in the inspector which doesn’t work in the newer versions (up to 2022.3), at least for Linux…

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