Unable to download Bull and Cow file

I receive an “unable to download selected item” error from udemy when i try to download the game zip file. Is there any other place where I can get this file?

By cloning https://github.com/UnrealCourse2019/BullCowGame, I was able to follow lecture “36. Project Download & Navigating Unreal Engine 4”. I highlight a couple differences below.

Hard to see the initializing % increasing. Text is small and white in lower left of Bull and Cow game splash screen that opens before the UE4Editor windows is visible.

I received a “Failed to load /Game/Levels/Level1_BuiltData.Level1_BuiltData Referenced by PersistentLevel” message.

Experimenting with the interface makes it easy to end up in a mode that doesn’t have the described mouse button behavior. After wiping out the files and did a fresh git clone, the mouse buttons (e.g. LMB behaved as described).

I had to select the Unreal build location. Note: I’m currently using Linux Mint 19.

The project download was updated around then so probably just a temporary issue. So just try again.

It works now, thank you!

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