Unable to add function button


So for whatever reason I can’t set the method to the button. The drop down only allow for MonoScript -> string.

The script is attached to the game object.

The SceneLoader script seems to be in order

Build Settings also seem to be in order

I’m not getting any compile errors or warnings?

Using Unity 2018.3.1f1

Sorry, rectified the problem, it’s a lack of sleep and failure to follow basic instructions :slight_smile: please feel free to delete

As a reference to others, make sure you are dragging the SceneLoader game object and not the script :slight_smile:


Jesus yes please thank you.
Was literally re-doing the whole game… :expressionless:

I did exactly the same than you too !

exactly had the same problem, no need to appologize bredge, the confusion is created by giving 2 diffrent things the exact same sounding name as a space has no vowels :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: maybe better call the sceneloader container : scene loader object. still good course way better then most.

Thank you so much i spent like a half hour rebuilding and wondering why it wouldn’t work.

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