Unable to access Animation from double clicking the timeline

Hi there,

I wonder if anyone can help… (Using 2020.1.4f1)

I have created a timeline in the way shown in the lecture but when I double click the timeline it takes me to an animation window without any keyframes. I can still scrub through it and the preview will animate. In the previous lecture (when creating simple enemy animations) I was able to double click the timeline to edit the individual keyframes, but not when the timeline is not attached to the main camera (rather pointing to it as advised in this lecture).

I wonder has something changed in the way unity deals with timelines and animations?

Hi atrathbone,

Could you please share screenshots of what you see in Unity? I’d also like to see what you see in the animation window. Actually, you should be able to access the animation which is assigned to the Timeline animation track.

Hi there,

Thanks for getting back to me. I assume it is happening because I am animating a gameobject that is not connected to the timeline directly.

I’m wondering if Unity really opened the correct animation. Unfortunately, that’s impossible to see.

Do you see the see dots next to the Main Camera box?


Click on them. Maybe you could open the corresponding animation clip there.

If the issue persists, please let me know. I’ll install Unity 2020.1 then and try to figure out how to access the animation clip.

Hi again.
Unfortunately the problem persists. If I click the dots then I get the following options.
Screenshot 2021-02-10 182848

and then when I choose to edit in animation window then I am taken to the same window as before (an empty animation).

In both cases you can see at the top of the animation window a dropdown box that says “recorded”- but does nothing when clicked. You can also see that the animation window has a ‘length’ of the correct value- so it seems like its opening something that is related to the timeline.

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