Ultimate Blender Animation Course

Greetings! I’ve found Udemy only a few days ago, but already picked few tutorials to start with. It’s a great place to learn stuff, and I want to thank the creators for making such a beautiful website.

Now, there is a topic I cannot find a full catchall answer about - the animation tools in Blender. I know there are some courses already existing about animation, but I’m not sure if they’re covering all the tools of animating in Blender, because as far as I know, there are a lot of variety of things that you can do with the bones, edit what they do on the movement, add movement/rotation limits or triggers, make great controllers etc - a lot of potential I would like to learn about. Not just about rigging a humanoid character or bringing “live” to animation, it would be nice to learn about all technically possible tools you can use for animating anything you want.


Super excited to announce the launch of the Blender Character Creator course :tada:

Time to ‘hop on over to Blender’ and get creating!

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