UI Primer Challenge - Show

I’m back on the GameDev.TV tutorials horse after enjoying the GDTV 2021 jam (my first!)

So I thought I’d keep with that great Rick tradition and post up the result of this video’s channel. The background on the menu is clearly too low resolution but otherwise I think it turned out okay.


How did the game jame go?

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Hi Kevin, good to hear from you. :slight_smile:

It was challenging! Two weeks to get a game released - though realistically I just had a couple of hours in the evenings to work on it. I almost didn’t have anything publishable due to some WebGL build issues, but I powered through on the last day, created a new project, ported everything across, and got it in 30 mins before the deadline (reminded me of uni days).

There were so many good games submitted: 104 in total. My game got 10th place for gameplay, 12th place overall - I’d lost a day’s work of planned features due to the WebGL thing.

The experience was enormously useful for my gamedev learning, and I’d strongly recommend the two week gamejam format to anyone as it’s more relaxed than 2 dayers.

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