UI Element Stability Issues When Switching Widget Switcher Children in UE5.3

I’m facing a challenging issue with my UMG UI setup in UE5.3. Whenever I switch between the children of a Widget Switcher, other UI elements, not the children themselves, are experiencing a resizing issue.

Here are the details of the setup:

  • The problem occurs even when the Widget Switcher maintains a constant size.
  • The affected UI elements are not part of the Widget Switcher but are placed elsewhere in the layout.
  • There are no animations, transitions, or dynamic bindings that should affect the size of these unrelated UI elements.

Has anyone encountered this issue, or could you provide insight into what might be causing these indirect UI effects? What could be influencing the size of these separate UI elements upon the child switch, and how can I prevent this from happening?

Hi and welcome to the community.

This makes sense, the resizing, because you’re changing the UI. You may need to fix the size and position of the items outside of the switcher.

Can you share a screenshot of what happens so I might better understand what is going on?

Thank you for your response. I have attached two screenshots to illustrate the issue. As you can observe, the size of the child widget within the Border is altering unexpectedly. I hope these screenshots help clarify the issue.

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